Legacy Design

Sustaining and Scaling the Future of Education

American education is at a crossroads, creating pressure on communities and leaders to think differently about how we build school systems. We must ask ourselves how we scale human care and provide sustainable solutions so all students can succeed. Our American education system is under attack and under-resourced, making recruiting and retaining talent harder and amplifying stress across campus cultures due to disjoined and outdated accountability measures. In this presentation, EJ Carrion shares his personal story and unique perspective on building equitable student support services across hundreds of schools. His team of mentors do millions of interactions a year with students from across the country providing unique insight into the aspirations and concerns of the next generation and what we can do to support them. EJ also provides strategies and research to help your leadership team innovate through hard topics and dismantle barriers that limit our abilities to create transformational environments where education works for every child.

Your audience will:

Gain generational insights from EJ’s private dataset of engagement between mentors and students across millions of interactions

Be exposed to EJ’s Legacy Design frameworks on how to build institutions of the future that are equitable and sustainable

Be captivated by EJ’s stories and stay committed to the critical work that is needed to build a better world

Receive unique strategies back by EJ’s analysis and research that are foundational to how he operates his organization and investments

Leave with practical action steps and skill sets they can implement to improve system thinking across the organization

Boost awareness on how to look at problems and lead proactively to change them so that the ripple effects of outdated systems do not keep us stuck in the past

The Future Workforce

Creating an Environment for the Next Generation of Leaders to Thrive

The pandemic changed the relationship between work and life. As younger citizens become more educated and attuned to their values, companies, and institutions must find ways to create malleable systems to recruit and retain talent. The stakes are even higher as global trends show established economies dealing with an older population, artificial intelligence, and an existing workforce that needs reskilling and relearning to meet the needs of our changing demands.

Your audience will:

Understand the multi-generational and demographic complexities of today's workforce

Receive practical advice on how to manage virtual and hybrid teams

Leave invigorated to take charge of their roles and responsibilities

Reshape their outlook on how to create environments to recruit and retain the next generation of highly talented workers

Have a better grasp of the relationship between human consciousness and artificial intelligence

Gain the confidence to create a compelling vision that people want to follow

The Future of America

Building a More Equitable World

This presentation focuses on analyzing equity and offering a fresh viewpoint on how we should approach improving racial, gender, and diversity in our organizations. As the population grows more diverse, this dynamic presentation is an external perspective and an internal audit of how your organization, team, and self look at your responsibilities of building a more compassionate world. We can no longer acknowledge and ignore the shift in demographics, ideologies, and lifestyle dynamics. We must ask ourselves what privileges, power, and advantages we are willing to strategically sacrifice to build a more inclusive and dynamic organization that flourishes past its competitors stuck in their ‘glory days.’

Your audience will:

Improve their communication to be more empathetic when interacting with people from different backgrounds

Become a more observant and conscious member of the team when biases and systemic challenges need to be addressed.

Increase patience and understanding that this work is a journey, not a destination, so we are going further together.

Gain confidence in having conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion and cherish moments to update our operating systems as thinkers

Create a vision and meaningful systems that solve the more significant challenges that prevent others in your community from equal access to success.

Understand resistance is a part of the process.

Double Equity

How Social Entrepreneurship Will Build The Next Generation of World-Class Companies and Institutions

The 21st Century and Beyond will belong to corporations, institutions, and economics that create a healthier relationship between income and impact. We can no longer separate our for-profit initiatives from our social impact initiatives. If tech nerds and software conquered the late 20th century. The future companies, institutions, and organizations will be led by socially strategic conscious leaders who can interweave double-equity-returns, which is the ability to create value that amplifies ownership and agency across all stakeholders and conscious decision-making to design a more just society. In this presentation EJ shares best practices and frameworks to push our limits on how we look at individual relationships as economic contributors and our human responsibility to make the necessary investments so that humanity can continue to evolve to achieve our global initiatives.

Your audience will:

See social impact as a competitive strategy to root solutions and innovations instead a PR stunt

Receive examples and metrics to show the power of Double Equity and how it can change performance when infused at the foundational level of your institution

Learn the changing landscape of capitalism and ownership in a global world

Be aware of the future responsibilities of businesses and institutions when it comes to profit and earnings

Leave empowered and aligned that their work matters to the overall well-being of our civilization

Gain practical strategies to boost authenticity and trust with all stakeholders

Scaling Care

Solving the Overbook Staff Overlook Student Problem

Educators, staff, and administrators are stretched thin because our jobs, community, and family demand more of our time. In this session, EJ inspires the audience to think differently about what it means to impact students. As an experienced education technologist and entrepreneur, EJ shares frameworks around scaling talent and building systems that allow our students and staff to thrive. EJ will share best

Your audience will:

Learn how to leverage technology to scale human care

Gain hope and optimism that their work matters and is easy when we collaborate together

Understand how to turn moments into momentum and leverage community

Have a better strategy to increase student outcomes

Improve their relationships with colleagues and students

Practical insights on being a students “Mike”

Social Profit

Achieve Equitable Economic Advancement for All

The pandemic was a global crisis that brought uncertainty across the globe. Civilization responded by relying on established institutions to alleviate any possible pain we were enduring as people. From 2020 to 2022, America has invested trillions of dollars, making some of the most significant investments since the New Deal. The New Deal transformed America after the Great Depression. It assisted us in making economic improvements, boosting production and employment readiness as we entered World War II. After the war, the United States experienced significant economic growth, technological innovation, and expansion of global significance. Like the New Deal and the Post-War Boom, we have the opportunity to live in one of the most productive eras in history, surpassing the Golde Age of Capitalism.

“The American Rescue Plan allocated over $120 billion for K-12 education, marking the largest single federal investment ever in K-12 education.”

“The Inflation Reduction Act is the Largest Climate Investment in US History.”

As we try to create a more equitable and just society, changes can’t just happen inside of our organizations; we also have to learn how outside forces can exasperate social inequality:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
  • The Great Wealth Transfer
  • Algorithms Amplifying Our Preferences
  • Bias and Extremism
  • Mental Health Crisis
  • Genetic Engineering

Your audience will:

Leave understanding macro and micro economic trends that impact equity

Develop a WE instead of ME mentality in your organization to achieve your scariest goals

Build better empathy and compassion for one another and the people they serve

Get practical frameworks to strategize and build solutions that improve all parties involved

Gain perspective on how the future will work if they plan to be successful in their roles

Have the confidence to create new value for your organization by operating at a place of originality and empathy

Firside Chat

Interactive Q&A with EJ Carrion

Outside of presenting a keynote, EJ Carrion is available for an interactive Q&A session with your group.

Get EJ’s take on the challenges or questions your organization is facing and lean on his experience as an entrepreneur, thought leader, and education executive.

EJ provides a unique lens as he threads the needle between private markets and public institutions. He understands the tenacity and acumen you need to navigate hyper-localized communities while building scalable solutions.

Your team will gain new ideas, creative solutions, and fresh perspectives that will move the needle on the outcomes you are pursuing to achieve.

Your audience will:

Learn current research on educational trends

Gain insights on talent acquisition and workforce development.

Receive tailored recommendations based on your organization’s goals.

Foster an atmosphere of honesty and engagement that they can hone to take with them beyond the conversation with EJ

Navigate challenges or hard conversations and see the value of doing so

Explore innovative solutions and out-of-department perspectives.

Be Exponential

Your Power to Shape the World

EJ went from a first-generation college student from a small town in Texas to a first-generation wealth builder who created world-class companies. In this presentation, the audience will learn EJ’s story and get his fresh perspective on how students should navigate this ever-changing world. EJ uses humor and storytelling to relate to the audience and teach them how to use entrepreneurial attributes to leverage the speed of change and their youthful relevance to capitalize on opportunities.

EJ has been giving keynotes for over a decade and got his start in the youth space. EJ will respect legacy clients' requests and leave a few speaking dates for student conferences. If you are a business or foundation that invites EJ to speak at your next event, consider sponsoring him to visit with local high schools to maximize his visit. Students are our society’s greatest asset!

Your audience will:

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and see it as a way to excel through school and their career goals

Identify exponential opportunities to accelerate their success

Adapt to change and think through future trends quickly

Innovate on strategies that might have been successful in the past but are no longer relevant without an update to their approach

Understand how to approach career goals and leadership opportunities to scale impact

Improve their strategic thinking and awareness so that no one or thing can hack their agency

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